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Please click on the link below to view a presentation for World Religions Week
World Religions Week - November 2020

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Other Faiths

‘This is My commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you’. John 15:12

As part of our Christian ethos, here at St Joseph’s, we embrace all people of all faiths and none, as we view all people of the world as children of God.   Children learn about other faiths as part of their Religious Education Programme and this includes visiting other places of worship.

The call to social action for those in need is a strong, common link with other faiths.

 Since March 2019, we have been actively involved in the Caritas/Mitzvah project, where our pupils collaborate on a variety of charitable works with other pupils from Catholic and Jewish schools. Projects have involved making cards together for children in Great Ormond Street Hospital and Survival packs for London’s homeless.

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