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Mr Ernest Ambe

I was nominated by Barnet Council to be the Local Authority (“LA”) Governor. I was initially hesitant to accept the nomination but I eventually accepted because having lived in Hendon for nearly a decade and being less than 500 yards from the school, I felt I had a civic and moral responsibility to give back to the community and to ensure I could contribute to the academic and moral development of posterity. I was lured by the school’s impressive history and deep rooted traditions.
I am a Christian and I was educated at a private catholic boarding school wherein my education was holistic and this prepared me to face the challenges and realities of life. Though times have changed, I intend relaying some of the positive things I learned to the pupils at the school through the various sub-committees I belong to. Laying down a solid foundation in a child’s formative years of education is crucial to the child’s medium-long term success. I believe education is not just learning academic subjects but it also encompasses other areas such as religion and faith, civic responsibility and extra-curricular activities. My goal is to continue championing this all encompassing approach to education which the school is currently pursuing and propose new ideas to the Board so we could continue to enhance the quality of education the children get.
I come from a legal background. I have worked in law for over seven years. I hold a Masters of Law from King’s College London, a Law degree from Nottingham Law School and a Diploma in Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing.
As a LA Governor, I sit on the following sub-committees; Admissions and Catholic Life & Pastoral Care. Furthermore, I am the fundraising coordinator for the school and I also ensure British Values is really at the centre of the school’s Ethos. Lastly, I act as a liaison between the School and the Local Community."

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